Maths Tuition

The Amethyst Academy specialises in Maths tuition, suitable for all children between the ages of 6 – 16.
We will work together to help your child discover their full potential in a fun and positive learning environment.

Tailored and engaging lesson plans

Even with a subject such as maths, we always bear in mind that each child is unique and will respond differently to the curriculum, dependent upon their current level of learning.   We don’t try and fit them into boxes, making each tuition course the same; we use a far more organic approach, getting to know your child, engaging with them and then establishing a learning programme to suit their specific learning style.

We want your child to thrive in school and this can only happen when they have a real grasp and understanding of key concepts.  Because we will have already assessed them, we can fill any gaps in their knowledge bank and move forward in a positive way. No matter their age or stage of learning, our maths tuition will be specifically tailored to them, whether they are gifted and talented or need additional support.

Key concepts built in

Our maths tuition processes will include all of the basic concepts with time being taken to ensure that each level is clearly understood before moving on to the next.  Although the lesson plans will vary greatly from child to child, we will always involve key maths concepts such as:

  • Algebra
  • Calculations
  • Data
  • Decimals
  • Fractions
  • Geometry
  • Measures
  • Mental maths
  • Money
  • Percentages
  • Place value
  • Ratios
  • Shape and space
  • Time
  • Word problems and reasoning

Confidence will grow 

Our teachers will work in accordance with the National Curriculum, using the teach – reinforce- secure and practise process, making a real difference to your child’s ability to absorb knowledge.   Lessons will be conducted via the computer as well as making use of the more traditional paper-based methods, often linking mathematical concepts to practical everyday usage.  As we create a greater level of understanding, your child will naturally begin to bloom, growing in confidence and moving forward in a positive way, inspired by teachers that really care.

Skills that last a lifetime

Whatever level of learning your child is at, it will not hinder their ability to move forward; even if they have gaps in their education, when it comes to maths tuition, we will ensure that lesson plans are uniquely tailored to bring them in at the right level, moving on up in a natural and unbroken way.

When learning is carried out correctly and in a way that the child enjoys, skills learned are never forgotten but remain with them for a lifetime.  If you want your child to grow up to be confident, happy and with a love of learning, then our offering will be perfectly suited to you.