Personal Tutor/Teacher
Tuition Centre Manager and Communications Specialist

Please email a copy of your most up to date CV to us at

Timekeeping and Communications

Timekeeping is very imperative to this role so do ensure that you communicate with both myself and your student(s) if you will be running late and I highly recommend finishing on time too to ensure you are paid for all the time spent with the student.

Feel free to schedule breaks at your discretion but this is not compulsory.

Dress Code

Smart casual! An Amethyst Academy badge must be worn at all times whilst interacting with the client which will be provided in due course. 

Cancellation of Lessons

If for whatever reason you are personally and solely responsible for a lesson being cancelled without prior warning, you will not be paid for this lesson so I recommend you reschedule missed lessons with your student or their parents using your discretion and inform me of the newly agreed time and date as soon as possible. 

If a lesson is missed and the student or the parents are completely at fault, you will be paid 50% of your hourly rate as compensation and you will not need to reschedule that lesson and you can just await their next scheduled lesson. If you decide to reschedule the lesson out of goodwill, do let me know so I can reimburse you with the full hourly rate instead of the 50% Compensation Rate.


Please be informed that any resources you are provided with will remain the property of the Amethyst Academy and is not to be loaned or given to the student without informing management – however recommendations on suitable resources can be made to the parents if requested.


All payments or transactions of any nature are to be discussed with management.

Feedback Sessions

There will be random feedback sessions scheduled with you, the Parent and myself. I will attend the tuition session on these days and inform you the day before and will be an opportunity for us to collectively assess the progress of the student and effectiveness of the teaching technique. You will be reimbursed for any additional time spent. In order to easily facilitate this please complete the brief Attitude to Learning Form each week