About Us

Our Story

The Amethyst Academy was opened in London in 2020 and founded upon the vision of one individual who is confident in seeing students develop the skills and confidence they need to conquer the world.

The Academy began by offering tuition services and assignment help to university students who were struggling to achieve the success they deserve.

This developed into several years of tuition for students of all ages, stages and abilities.

Our Method

We are unique by focusing on individual learning styles to empower each student to get the most out of their teaching student.

The pillar of this academy is to address gaps in learning knowledge and to expand on the attention each student receives from the four walls of the classroom.

Although the current teaching infrastructure provides a good foundation to learning, the academy is dedicated to building this knowledge and providing a springboard for each student to the career of their choice.

Our Team

All of our staff are specialists in their field and are very dedicated to interacting with students in a way that’s most effective for the student’s success coupled with a genuine passion for the art of teaching.

We are not only focused on seeing our students excel academically but also allowing them to balance this with confidence as young people to take their lives in any direction they intend beyond the classroom.

In order to deliver this, we offer individual 1-to-1 and group tuition services from ages 6 to 19 for all subjects, across the following areas: Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, 11 Plus and GCSE. We deliver our tuition across three main settings so we can find a style to suit every student: Online, Tuition Centre and In-Person.